Europe starts here

The giant green metal shipyard cranes are a symbolic and inspirational part of the Gdansk landscape. Located in the historical area of the Gdansk shipyard they invite you for a walk through this beautiful industrial area.

Visiting The European Solidarity Centre with its main exhibition followed by a walk on the museum roof from with spectacular panoramic views makes you feel closer to the history of free Europe more than ever before.

A rewarding walk between the old buildings of the 19th century former Schichau and Imperial shipyards is a truly unique experience. An old industrial forge and the cranes from the beginning of the 20th century still smell of steel and ship lubricants.

The shipyard streets still echo with the stories of the First and Second World Wars.

Europe starts here and this is where the Gdansk shipyard strike launched a blood free revolution which led to the collapse of communist system in Europe. Here Lech Walesa an ordinary workman changed the course of events and modern Polish history.