We – the people

These famous words were used by Lech Walesa the leader of the Solidarity movement and Polish President in the United States Congress in 1989. It was a long journey so we could hear these words and the 80s were indeed a turbulent time in Europe.

On this tour you will see the place where everything started and much more. The Gdansk shipyard strike launched a revolution which led to the collapse of communist systems in Europe. Gdansk has had a huge impact on modern day history and during this tour we will visit the European Solidarity Centre which is devoted to the history of Solidarity, the Polish trade union and civil resistance movement. You will also hear about the other opposition movements of Communist Eastern Europe that also played a vital role in toppling the communist system.

Finally we will end the tour on the roof of the ECS – where you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view over the shipyard and Gdansk.

TIME: 2 – 4 h