Focus on the history of the Second World War

On the morning of 1st September 1939 in Westerplatte, a small peninsula in Gdansk the first shots were fired which started The Second World War and tragically nothing was the same ever again.

This tour includes a walk through the most historical parts of Gdansk which were affected by the war. You will also see how Gdansk was rebuilt after the war and you will also  learn about the many years this took and the sacrifices made by thousands of inhabitants to reinstate this great city to its former beauty once again. 

We will also look back slightly further in time to the era of The Free City of Danzig which was a republic before The Second World War.

Who was in charge of the city? Did they see the war looming? I will show you where traditional markets were located and I will describe how ordinary day to day life unfolded for the everyday people.

TIPS: the tour is recommended to be combined with visiting the Museum of the Second World War and Westerplatte.

TIME: 4 – 7 hours.